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Selective Conformal Coating System


   eazycoat Multi-Axis Coating System provides a reliable robotic conformal coating application platform for low and medium volume batch and inline conformal coating processing.
Equipped with programmable software and stepper motor process control, the straight forward design means ease of application of conformal coating at all levels.
eazycoat Specification : MOTION CONTROL : FLUID DELIVERY METHOD : Type: Stepper Motors, Slides on XYZ axes XYZ Repeatability : 50 microns (0.01") XYZ Resolution : 50 microns(0.01") X-Y Velocity : 175 mm/s (7"/s) max

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Dip Coating Machine

   DIP 100 Conformal Coating Dip System is a precision built, floor standing, conformal coating dip machine for medium to high volume batch processing of printed circuit boards.
Operating completely on compressed air and utilising an air over oil pneumatic system, the DIP 100 offers total precision regulated speed control to allow a wide range of conformal coatings to be correctly coated and an unparalleled repeatable high tolerance of coating thickness to be achieved.
Being entirely pneumatic the machine is safe to use with flammable materials, and the automatic dip cycle process provides a smooth immersion and withdrawal rate which eliminates air entrapment and ensures an even film.

Drying Cabinet

   CDC 100- The CDC 100 floor standing drying cabinet is designed specifically for practical conformal coating air temperature drying for Printed Circuit Board (PCBs).
Designed to be used in conjunction with conformal coating application equipment, this compact Drying cabinet offers an enclosed extraction area for protecting newly coated PCBs from contamination during the drying process while safely removing excess solvents through the attached exhaust.

Spray Booth

   SB 100 Conformal coating is used for protective coatings for extreme environments, exposure to moisture, salt, electrical leakage, temperature fluctuation, fungus, dust & other environmental contaminants.
The SB100 Conformal Coating Spray Booth is a free standing, purpose built system, which can be made to customer's size and specification requirements.

Inspection Booth

   CIB 100 Inspection Booth is designed to provide a uniform illumination work for consistent inspection environment. The booth is designed so that the operators can inspect the boards without fatigue.
An important point in conformal coating inspection & finishing is to creat the optimum environment where an opertor can easily inspect coated circuit boards without fatigue to body or eyes, provide the highest quality results for the conformal coating process and keep the operator safe from the harmful effects of solvents.

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